Buenos Aires / Argentina / 2013 / In the very trendy and fashionable Patio del Liceo, the young artists, designers, musicians of Buenos Aires meet up to drink, see exhibitions and shop in a few stores. In one of them, an asiatic woman is working on an old sewing machine, under Michael Jackson's portrait.
Buenos Aires / Argentina / 2013 / People dancing Tango on a square at night. In San Telmo neighborhood, Sundays are very festives, with flea market, concerts, fancy-dress... Tango is still very popular, even among the youth. Traditionally danced together by two men, it is now practiced by every kind of couples.
Humahuaca / Argentina / 2 native americans kids are watching the camera, on the stairs leading to a weird patriotic monument.
Laguna de los Pozuelos / Argentina / Beautiful lake, sanctuary for flamengos. No one lives around, except a couple of old people, in a house.
Cafayate / Argentina / 2013 / Empty restaurant in this touristic town famous for its winemakers. Typical soap show (telenovela) on the never switched off TV. Telenovelas are very popular in South-America, especially Brazilian ones, shown in every countries.
Cafayate / Argentina / Every institutions of the city gather on the main square before summer holidays to parade. The mayor and other officials say speeches.
Mendoza / Argentina / 2013 / In the street, both parents are holding their phones to photograph their girls, dressed up for a dance show.
Mendoza / Argentina / 2013 / In the street, a man with a hat looks at a sculpture of a man with a hat, probably an intellectual or artistic personality of the town.
El Calafate / Argentina / 2013 / A man is inflating a pink girly bike in front of his own car.
Puerto Natales / Chile / Woman smiling in a car, holding a small M sign. At the back of the car, a portrait of Michelle Bachelet, after her victory in the chilean presidential elections.
Puerto Natales / Chile / 2013 / Man cutting the grass in front of a backpackers house called The Singing Lamb. The Lamb is wearing a traditional Scottish hat, a Tartan Tam. Many inhabitants of Puerto Natales make a living on tourism, welcoming travelers from every corner of the globe. They all come to visit the National Park Torres del Paine.
Navimag / Chile / 2013 / Passenger taking pictures with his phone from his cabin. The boat from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt passes trough small villages unreachable by road. For some Amerindians (such as the last 8 Kawesqars still alive in Puerto Eden) living there, it is the only way to import goods and supplies.
Navimag / Chile / The boat stops in a tiny village to bring goods. The boat of CONAF comes to get stuff, as well as the boat of THE POLICE, and some villagers.
Navimag / Chile / The boat is too big to go nearby the village. Everyone comes to the bottom of the boat to get his supplies.
Navimag / Chile / 2013 / At night, the truckers carrying goods from the South up to the North meet up in the dining room for a few glasses of red wine and songs written by Héctor Pavez, Violeta Parra, or other singers from the Nueva Canción Chilena, musical movement in the 60's which mixed traditional songs with new sounds and influences. It was often a voice against the Pinochet dictatorship.
Castro / Chiloe / Chile / Man painting his roof in front of the sea.
Tenaun / Chiloe / Chile / Woman praying in the wooden church of the village. The wooden churches of chiloe are registred on the UNESCO World Heritage.
Dalcahue / Chiloe / Chile / 2013 / Barba Roja (Red Beard) poses in front of his liquor store called Barba Roja. This fake dye is a marketing tool. One could find either local or imported products in this small shop.
Dalcahue / Chiloe / Chile / Couple by the water.
Chiloe / Chile / 2013 / Firemen resting while their truck is being filled up with lake water. Chiloe, and Chile in general is very vulnerable to fires, but the firemen are volunteers only. None of them is professional, they don't get any salary. However, in big cities, professional firemen squads from France, Italy, Spain, or other countries opened up barracks in the 19th century to help. Tradition has kept up until today. Gear and trucks are often used ones given by international firemen.
Christmas Eve, Dalcahue, Chiloe Island, Chile, 2013
Villarica / Chile / Children playing on toy buoys, island boats, on the Villarica lake, with mountains in the sunset light on the background.
Villarica / Chile / Child playing toy scooter stops by a toy horse to rent.
Santiago / Chile / Little boy playing with a water jet, trying to wet his father who was cleaning a bar terrace.
Santiago / Chile / 2013 / New Year's Eve. Young men side by side texting new year's wishes at midnight during a party on a rooftop of Santiago's fancy neighborhood Bellavista.
Dancers, Valparaiso, Chile, 2014
Valaparaiso / Chile / Girls drinking a natural juice sitting on the walkway, next to the advertising for ice-creams, natural juices...
Valparaiso / Chile / Chinchineros on a square. Musician dancing on his own rythm. The father and his son are playing together.
Street-Art, Cerros, Valparaiso, Chile, 2014
Couple, Valparaiso, Chile, 2014
Vicuna / Chile / Hairdresser wainting for clients in his shop, reading the newspaper. His dog is watching the entrance.
Lipez / Bolivia / Stop over a night in a small village, where tourism starts to develop itself. Electricity and modern comfort are quite recent, but the clothes and ways of life still traditional.
Potosi / Bolivia / General view of the city from the way up to the mines.
Potosi / Bolivia / At the entrance of the mine called Rosario. Miners going back into the mine with the trolley.
Potosi / Bolivia / Guide explaining the history of the legendary Tio, god of the miners. His cheek is filled with coca leaves.
Sucre / Bolivia / Cemetery. On sunday, children with official city shirts can work in the cemetery to help the families of the deceaseds. They put the flowers, clean the graves, etc...
Sucre / Bolivia / In one of the trucks leaving in the morning to Maragua. Passengers are waiting for the trcuk to be full.
Maragua / Bolivia / Everything that the villagers need come with those trucks, such as these tubes.
Maragua / Bolivia / Family of farmers working in the potatoes fields. Usually, the children go to school, but it's summer holyday.
Sucre / Bolivia / 2014 / On the road back to Sucre. Villagers and farmers from isolated villages (Maragua) go to the city to sell their production and buy important goods. These isolated peasants are mainly natives. They live poorly, but have known improvements in the past years such as electricity or roads.
Fruit's stall, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2014
Cochabamba / Bolivia / One of the most important market in town where one could find almost everything.
La Paz / Bolivia / 2014 / Working class woman getting her shoes polished in the street. Many poor people work as shoes polishers, but many of them hide their faces not to be recognized, because it is considered as a shame.
La Paz / Bolivia / Woman on the phone at a small store in a hut. This kind of place sell candies, cigarettes, phonecard, or just a phonecall.
La Paz / Bolivia / Young girl waiting for her date under the rain in a park.
Tiwanaku / Bolivia / 2014 / Cholitas waiting in the lobby of the museum to avoid the sudden rain. A young girl, the only one not traditionally dressed up as a cholita is concentrated on her phone.
La Paz, Bolivia, 2014
Copacabana / Bolivia / One of the numbered bands producing itself for the festival. A jury, composed of officials and honorables guests, will choose the best.
Copacabana / Bolivia / People in the audience enjoy the show, the music and the beers. One sip for Pachamama, one sip for them.
Copacabana / Bolivia / Women dancing holding fireworks sticks.
Titicaca Lake / Copacabana / Bolivia / Bolivian syncretism. To climb up this hill called Calvary, one have to go trough the Stations of the Cross. But when arrived, no catholic mass, people do local rituals.
Copacabana / Bolivia / 2014 / Couple waiting for the priest to end his prayer. Copacabana is a hotspot for syncretism in South-America. One come from far away to get their car or new home blessed, and ask for favor (baby, health, wealth...).
Priest blessing cars, Copacabana, Bolivia, 2014
Cholita dancing, Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria, Copacabana, Bolivia, 2014
Titicaca Lake / Isla del Sol / Bolivia / Fisher Boat leaving the port. A child is aboard, another on the dock.
Mudslide, Cuzco Area, Peru, 2014
Hawkers, Cuzco Area, Peru, 2014
Peru / The road is obstructed ahead by a landslide. The passengers of the buses and trucks stretch their legs. The villagers, smart, prepared food that they sell to the travellers.
Amazon River / Brazil / The bar of the boat serves many beers and some snacks to the bored passengers.
Amazon River / Brazil / Young men selling fruits and snacks in a small village where the boat stopped to take new passengers. A lot of hawkers wait for the boats along the river.
Amazon River / Brazil / Kid playing with his hands up the water.
Pirogue, Amazon River, Brazil, 2014
Donation, Amazon River, Brazil, 2014
Amazon River / Brazil / Children living in the forest by the river get on the boat to sell shrimps, palm hearts and other local products. They come alongside the boat going fast like little pirats.
Amazon River / Brazil / 2014 / These children jumped on our boat like pirates to sell forest and river products to the passengers. After that they watched an asiatic movie on a tourist's computer. After spending one hour on the boat, they would have to go back to their houses, isolated in the forest using their pirogues. This boat goes down the Amazon from Manaus to Bélem in 3 days. Every week, it is a window on the world for the kids living along the river.
Jericoacoara / Brazil / First day of Carnival, the children play on the main square. They use flour, eggs and water to fight eachothers.
Olinda / Brazil / Policemen checking the streets during the Carnival. Many thieves try to steal personal belongings during the festival.
Young man disguised as father, Carnival, Olinda, Brazil, 2014
Bride, Carnival, Olinda, Brazil, 2014
Olinda / Brazil / Couple kissing in the street during carnival. Disguised with taxi cap, they hold big glasses of beer.
Olinda / Brazil / Man dancing in front of a brass band. Brass bands are the motors of the Carnival, going all over the city to spread the music.
Salvador / Bahia / Brazil / Woman in a colorful dress looking at lucky charm Bangles (wristbands, bracelets) Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim, attached on the fence of a church on Pelourinho.
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil / Escadaria Selaron (Selaron Steps). Drunk man sitting on the stairs decorated during years by chilean artist Jorge Selaron.
Tourists pose as Cristo Redentor, Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014
Cables, Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil / Two men are playing cards in Vila Canoas Favela.
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil / 2014 / Feira de São Cristóvão. Man disguised with Brazilian flag printed clothes, dancing in front of a Forro band playing. This Feira is the meeting point in Rio for all the inner-immigrants from the North-East part of the country. Many people indeed came to work because this region, Nordeste, used to be very poor. However, they brought with them and spread their very strong folklore, typical dishes and music.
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil / Feira de São Cristóvão. Man playing pool.
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