Scala dei Turchi / Sicily / Italy / Tourists getting a tan under the sicilian sun, laying on the white rock over the sea.
Sicily / Italy / Tourist with a pink umbrella to protect herself from the sun is visiting antique ruins.
Porto / Portugal / Tourist having ice-cream break while visiting Porto.
Cabo Finisterre (Cape Finisterre / Cabo Fisterra ) / Galicia / Spain / Tourists getting ready to watch the sunset on the Atlantic Ocean, from one of the westernmost point of Iberian Peninsula.
Sicily / Italy / Tourists reading informational flyers about the ruins around them.
Park Güell / Barcelona / Spain / Tourists Family. The 2 kids looking bored and the mother are waiting for the father to finish his picture of the city from the park.
Jerusalem / Israel / Couple of tourists with cow-boy's hats eating ice-cream on a terrace.
Church of the Nativity / Bethlehem / Palestinian Territories / Tourists and pilgrims around the entrance of the Grotto, where Jesus was supposedly born.
Petra / Jordan / Tourists filming and shooting the most famous monument of Petra, the Khazneh, while a camel is looking at the camera.
Negev Desert / Israel / Man watching the desert, from a folding chair.
Bonifacio / Corsica / France / Family of tourists eating sandwiches on the square in front of Sainte Marie Majeure Church.
Aigueze / France / Tourist riding a bike on a bridge over the Ardèche River.
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